There is an urgent need for more than $600,000 in NICU medical equipment to support the very sick and preterm babies requiring care.

Giraffe Omni-bed

Baby Irelia was the first baby to use the Wo He Lo funded Giraffe Omni-bed, a combination incubator and overhead warmer, and she is the smallest patient kept and cared for in the QEH NICU. With more pre-term twins being born, there is need for additional Giraffe Omni-beds at a total cost of approximately $215,000.

Drager Babylogs

QEH Respiratory Therapist Chris Lee demonstrates the QEH’s first Drager Babylog that was purchased by the QEH Auxiliary. It is a mechanical ventilator that provides oxygen to the baby and stimulates the respiratory system until the baby’s lungs work properly.

Three (3) more Drager Babylogs are now required totaling approximately $230,000.


Here is Baby Eason Yu using a biliblanket that is a phototherapy device that delivers blue light treatment for neonatal patients experiencing jaundice.

Additional biliblankets are now needed at a cost of about $6,000 each.

Central Patient Monitoring System

NICU Nurses Katie O’Brien and Hannah Hughes, Clinical Leader, were excited to learn their department will soon have a Central Patient Monitoring System. Every second counts when caring for the QEH’s tiniest and most fragile patients. This new system will allow these specialized nurses to know instantaneously if one of their preterm or ill babies is in trouble. The cost is approximately $300,000.


Baby Scale (2)

Portable Neo-puffs (2)

Portable Monitor

Positioning Devices & Feeding Tools